Research Projects

The Aimm research program crosscuts epidemiology and the social sciences, focusing on immunization best practice and policy. The outcomes of our work support informed vaccination decisions for parents and families.

Our areas of interest include:

  • Immunization
  • Infectious disease
  • Child health, particularly under-served populations
  • Public health
  • Health services delivery


Current projects

Nishtoohtamihk la michinn avik aen nijhwii (Understanding vaccination)

COVID-19 Vaccine Information Sources

COVImm: Vaccination in a Pandemic

Estimation of long-term COVID-19 health state utility values

First Nations Childhood Immunization Project (FINCH)

Past projects

Childhood Immunization Reminder Project (ChIRP)

Evidence-Based Immunization Policy

Influenza Immunization for All Canadians


Policy, practice & community partners

Partnerships with university researchers